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Two Dorky MagnetsSurvivor : Season 44 Episode 2

I will say, as I did in the live thread, that this is probably the best episode for me since season 42. Not only did we get 20+ minutes of actual gameplay, the challenge felt shorter and we got some really great insight into some players. The only downsides were Helen being voted out (I really liked Helen) and the showmance stuff (Matt, you keep saying you just got broken up with and also sound visibly excited to start something new with Frannie).

Two Dorky MagnetsSurvivor : Season 44 Episode 2

Overall, a really good episode. Maybe not the best, as it had some issues, but a lot better than 43 and the premiere of this season. I appreciate them putting more strategy/game talk scenes here and leaving out the sob stories and 20 minute challenges.

Hearing "I built my own obstacles" twice in this episode made me think of Mutant Ninja Warriors, too. We're now way beyond "I practiced making fire" or "I got a book on edible plants of Fiji." Hopefully, it got the Survivor producers scrambling to come up with something we haven't seen for 20 seasons straight before they hauled out the used props to set up for the same challenges for the rest of this season. How is it that they can keep coming up with new lame advantages but not new challenges? (Now if we could just get people going on The Amazing Race to learn how to swim or drive a stick. . . ).

I am also floored that it's only episode two and I remember so many players' names and tribes. That hasn't happened for me in years. The past several seasons haven't been interesting enough for me to pay close attention, lol.

Though the two live on opposite sides of the country, they developed a quick rapport upon their arrival in Fiji, where Survivor 44 was filmed. The season's second episode title, "Two Dorky Magnets," a quote coined by the sit-out queen Claire Rafson, is even a reference to Frannie and Matt's showmance. 041b061a72


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