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7.4 19 - Spider-Man: Far From Home9

Like all boys of Cimmeria, he was trained as a warrior from birth, but Conan possess both skills at arms and strength way over the hardiest of his race.[2] Drogin taught Conan to hunt, to wield axe and blade and many other things, but also told him tales of his youth, of his raids into the Hyborian kingdoms and of the wonders outside of Cimmeria. Conan was proud of him, for despite being too old for war, he was respected and feared by all others.[4]

7.4 19 - Spider-Man: Far from Home9

The strongest and wildest boy of the village, Conan protected Laynnen, a sickly and "different" child, from which he heard magical songs and learned that to be gentle of spirit wouldn't make him less a man.[7] He also shared his childhood with Tem,[8] and with Gharn of Cella, with whom he grew to manhood, breaking hearts and emptying purses on the way. Conan saved Gharn from many "spear enforced" weddings, while Gharn saved Conan from a Pict, and both were involved in a bar room brawl.[9]

During rare times of peace, and on trading missions, he visited Venarium, the Aquilonian outpost in Cimmeria, manned by Aquilonian Army soldiers and their allies from Gunderland. There he met Tamera and his Gunderman lover Gaeric.[10] ...[11]

During the "Battle of Venarium", the Cimmerians attacked the camp of Venarium.[14] During that battle, Jim O'Brien and Eleanor Rand, both present in Dagon's Cave in the 20th-century, somehow experienced the event from respectively Conan's and Tamera's perspectives.[10]

Conan allegedly received his baptism of blood there,[12] and was the first to vault the stockade walls[13][2] (or at least one of the first).[10] ...[11] Gunderman Burgun tried to duel Conan but was unable to reach him.[14] He also encountered Tamera and Gaeric. As Gaeric charged him, intending to protect Tamera's retreat, Conan defeated him without drawing his sword, preventing himself from ending his opponent for some reason. He then pursued Tamera, trying (possibly from Jim O'Brien) to reassure her. Led into Dagon's cave, Conan/Jim was faced once again by Gaeric, while Tamera fled into the depths of the cave. Both Tamera and Gaeric were captured by the People of the Dark but were rescued by Conan, and the three ended up cooperating to survive the journey. Despite their efforts, Tamera and Gaeric seemingly perished.[10]

Becoming separated from his Aesir companions,[32] while in Aesgaard, Conan was attacked by Gan-Torr, the Giant One, one of the Beast-Men, whom he slew. He was then captured by Moira (the human favorite of King Gha-Kree of Brutheim), Zha-Gorr and another of Gan-Torr's comrade of the Brutorian Guard. Brought to Brutheim as a slave, Conan defied his masters and was to be killed in the games. Awaking the slaves' Chief Thrall Kiord's desire for freedom, he caused the slaves' rebellion. All of the Beast-Men were either killed or fled the city. Conan crowned dead Kiord as the king of the former slaves.[33]

That sword, whom Conan hypothesized could have used by King Kull himself to slay the Serpent-Men of Valusia in Atlantean days,[35] strange if unmagical, was lost when Conan was captured by another group of Hyperboreans, not far from the borders of Brythunia.[40] One of the Hyperborean, a blond, used to whip Conan. Conan killed a guard and once again escaped. He kept his chains, swearing to remove them only when he would have slain the blond savage.

Shortly after his battle with the Man-Serpent Sschaaronn, Conan, still plagued by nightmares, was making his way through Nemedia. On his travels, Conan began hallucinating innocent passers-by as Serpent-Men before taking shelter in a cave, where he once again encountered a Man-Serpent. Mid-battle the Man-Serpent seemed to disperse into mist, and in its stead appeared a hero from the distant future of 1522, Dark Agnes.[61] The Man-Serpent's mask began to act as a conduit for someone else from the future, James Allison, who set the Adventurer and the Fighter on a quest to defeat Set, the Stygian serpent god, by destroying key artifacts, the first of which, the Aventurine Stone, was to be found after defeating a pair of giant snakes in the Kharamun Desert.[62]

The other god, Khonshu, seemingly killed Set to use his power against their true enemy the Wyrm, who had manipulated Allison and, in turn, the four heroes into weakening Set and allowing it to rise in Stygia. Khonshu transported the two other heroes, Moon Knight and Solomon Kane, to Stygia, and together, alongside Satyne they did battle with the Wyrm as it breached into reality. Thanks to the aid of Khonshu and manifestations of James Allison's previous lives, the Wyrm was defeated in the Hyborian Age, and the heroes from across time were returned to their homes.[64]

After the Serpent War, Conan attempted to steal from royal gold stores across Nemedia alongside two Hyrkanian brothers, but was captured by the inquisitor of Red Tree Hill and sentenced to death by hanging. Conan survived this hanging twice, once when his Cimmerian strength broke the branch of the Red Tree, and a second time when a bolt from the blue, possibly sent by Crom himself, killed the inquisitor. After these events, the people of Red Tree Hill began to worship the Cimmerian deity.[65]

Conan eventually made it back to Cimmeria, hoping to enchant his friends and grandmother with wonders from across Hyboria. However, Thoth-Amon, a wizard he had disrupted just prior to the Serpent War, had gotten there first, possessing the Wild Dogs of Cimmeria, as well as its people with a terrible plague. Conan was forced to destroy his many gifts in order to kill the Dog-Keeper and end the possession.[66]

Conan ended up on a Turanian galley as a passenger. On the Vilayet Sea, they were attacked by a ship of Pirates of the Inland Sea led by Fafnir. The crew was overwhelmed by the pirates, and Conan was knocked down by Fafnir. Awakening, Conan recognized Fafnir, who revealed he was a Vanir and offered him a place on his crew. Conan refused to serve a Vanirman. At that moment, the ship was caught in the White Mist and struck a hidden reef, forcing the crew to abandon ship. Fafnir freed Conan, but Conan saved him instants later from a shark, making them even. The rest of Fafnir's crew was lost to the sea. They finally reached the Isle of the Gods, where Conan tried to have Fafnir fight him, in revenge to the Vanir's slaying many Cimmerian on Conan's day of birth. They started to fight but Fafnir soon refused to fight anymore, and convinced Conan to cease battle. At that moment, they witnessed a girl, Kyrie, fleeing Groth-Golka, last of the Lizard-Gods. Conan tried to break his neck in vain, but Fafnir did as well, killing the monster.[87] ...[87] ...[88]

At dawn, their raft was approached by a Turanian ship. They were taken in and told the tale of the Fall of Bal-Sagoth to Yezdigerd, prince of Turan who had been separated from his war-fleet in a storm. Yezdigerd then offered the two barbarians to either be thrown out of the ship or join him in the holy war against the eastern city-state of[88] Makkalet.[citation needed] On the way, Conan revealed to Fafnir he had kept the emblem of kingship, making him king of Bal-Sagoth and somewhat fulfilling the prophecy of him becoming a king. Conan prefered to let the jewel slip into the ocean.[88]As part of the war on Hyrkania, Conan slew many nomads, and was ambushed one night by the daughter of one such nomad, in the ensuing fight the Mercenary and the nomad shared their philosophies, and the nomad assured Conan that she and her mother would face him again in their next life.[89]...[90] ...[91] ...[92] ...[93] ...[94] ...[95] ...[96] ...[97] ...[98] ...[99] ...[25] ...[100] ...[101]

Mere days after signing onto the Turanian army special units as a mercenary, Conan's experience allowed him to quickly rise to the rank of Great Commander, although his tendency to appear as a 'sole survivor' in battles against the Stygian Army in the Great Red Waste did lead to some distrust from his fellow Great Commanders.[102]

In the last month of his twentieth year, Conan led a crew of pirates and raided the far Vanir Isles. One of his mission was to abduct the virgin daughter of Vanir King Hrothar, to be wed to Hog Island Vanir Chief Varax, son of Cularn. To ensure her virginity, Conan had to isolate her from his crew. Soon, the ship was caught into a storm (possibly caused by the sons of Crom) and drifted northwards. For three days, Conan manned the ship into the icy storm. Eventually, they were attacked a Kraken, who first swallowed T'Liko. The Kraken was stated to be S'Rotha Meer, God of the Ice Sea by the superstitious pirates. The Kraken returned and killed Villardo, causing the pirates to intend on sacrificing the virgin girl as her blood was pure. Conan's refusal caused all pirates to attack him, save for Scrod, who prevented Tellerac from slaying the girl. All mutineers were killed by Conan, and their bodies thrown to the sea for the Kraken to feed. As the princess revealed she was not a virgin at all, Conan stopped his mission, and simply set sail to the spice ports of the south with the princess and Scrod.[114]

She showed him visions of being the master on a ship, of being crowned, nailed to a cross, and of the beautiful women he would cross path with. She then showed him the present at the Black Boar Inn where his companions slayed a king's captain before fleeing, and rushed to help them. Arriving at the inn, he was recognized for having struck the captain and having been talked to the two youths. The next day, he was judged by Ephemero Portus, the "maiming judge". As Conan refused to reveal their hiding place, the judge found him in contempt of court and intended to throw him in a dungeon until he would agree to talk. Conan consequently started maiming and slaying the guards, and killed the judge that was reaching for his dagger. He stole the high constable of Messantia's horse and fled to the port, where he intended to evade by sea.[149] He leaped from his horse to the Agus, the soon-to-depart ship of Tito, who he forced depart immediately to evade the guardsmen.[150] 041b061a72


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